Secret weaknesses: Mariachi music and tater tots.

Secret identity:

5 Responses to “the Reviewer”

  1. Nymeth said

    Sorry to leave a comment here, but I wanted to e-mail you about something and can’t find a contact on your blog – so if you could e-mail me at untuneric at gmail I’d very much appreciate it. Thanks and sorry again 😛

  2. Jeanne said

    I’m leaving a comment here because I miss you. (Not that I’m nagging; I respect a person who lets real life get in the way of virtual life!)

  3. Suzan said

    Halllloooooow!! Just found you. Again. I just picked up a collection of eudora welty. And didn’t you tell me to read Synge (“Go to the Aran Islands, and find a life that has never been expressed in literature.”)? I did read JS and was fascinated. Carry on.

    • trapunto said

      Hallo yourself, belatedly. Somehow this comment slipped by me. Hope you are well. I’m so pleased to see that you are blogging again!

  4. Jeanne said

    I come here because I miss you when I haven’t seen you on the internets in a while.

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