Countdown to Halloween: 15 days

October 16, 2011

Because I like you, and because I don’t want to let this blog lapse on a morbid note, I hereby invite all costume voyeurs to join me on a two-week tour of the costume box I made for my nieces.  First up is the Queeny Wizardy Robe.

It’s at my weaving blog, here:

Which came first, the cat or the crinoline?

6 Responses to “Countdown to Halloween: 15 days”

  1. zibilee said

    Love the robe, and it seems like the cat does too! I am so glad to see you back! How is everything?

    • trapunto said

      Thank you, nice to hear from you! Everything is pretty good, considering. The cat seems to like anything I put down in that chair that makes a people-watching blind for for him to sleep behind–the puffier the better.

  2. Jenny said

    You! You, you, you! Hi! I missed you!

  3. Jeanne said

    I was going to guess the crinoline was there first. Really.

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