December 17, 2010

I washed a canvas grocery bag, and it was like Shrinky Dinks.

Then, in a single instant, I grasped the whole grand purpose of Twitter: to keep that sort of remark from cluttering up the Internet.

Which got me thinking about the clutteredness of the Internet, which made me start to itch.

Or maybe it was just my hat.



6 Responses to “Chartreuse”

  1. You’re a step ahead of me – I washed my canvas bag and it shrank AND broke its stitches. I cant’ tell what your hat is made of?

  2. zibilee said

    I actually like the hat, and even if it is itchy, it’s still cute. I hope you have a really amazing holiday season!!

  3. Jeanne said

    I like to read even the throwaway remarks of the people who most amuse me on the internet; kind of like the laundry lists of famous writers, you know.

  4. Daphne said

    Since I sort of view more of my favorite blog writers as invisible friends, I enjoy every sort of post and comment from them. Even those about the demise of canvas shopping bags. 🙂

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