Diana Wynne Jones Week Cat Guessing Results

August 1, 2010

An animated gif: our cat prancing around in a medieval-themed glam rock outfit–I dangled this idea in front of the resident graphic designer but he didn’t bite.  Or maybe a furry head poking out of a claw foot bathtub erupting in slime?  Ooh!  Or a downloadable paper doll with an outfit for each dimension!

(Now I am thinking about the potential wonderfulness of Diana Wynne Jones paper dolls.  I’d want the Cart and Cwidder set because there’d be the cart backdrop, and all the glad rags.  Plus Dag is kind of a heartthrob.)

Speaking of heartthrobs, meet Howl:

(Greeny)Blue-eyed, vain, prone to elaborate bathing and airy departures.  And when we first got him a year ago he howled.

Jenny got it in one because Jenny is the best and fastest guesser in all the land.  Then she UNGUESSED HER GUESS!  Since I’m sure she wouldn’t have done that if she’d known she was allowed multiple guesses, Jenny gets the bookmark.

Excellent guessing, everyone.  If we get another cat I can easily see it being a Sophie or a Gwendolen or a Calcifer.

8 Responses to “Diana Wynne Jones Week Cat Guessing Results”

  1. Colleen said

    He does look both charming and dangerous – Howl’s perfect!

  2. zibilee said

    You cat is just beautiful! Very majestic looking, and I love his name.

  3. Nymeth said

    Aww – Howl is lovely 😀

    (Okay, so I DO tend to say that of every cat I see, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less sincere.)

  4. Jenny said

    I only unguessed my guess because I didn’t want you to have a howling cat. :p Your Howl is gorgeous. I am excited for my bookmark–I will email you as soon as my computer stops acting all crazy.

    Also, Diana Wynne Jones paper dolls? Did you have to say that? Now I feel like my whole childhood was empty and woeful because it lacked Diana Wynne Jones paper dolls. My throat is aching from wanting Archer’s Goon paper dolls right now. And oh, Chrestomanci ones with loads of different dressing gowns.

    • trapunto said

      Because of Torquil and his outfits, I bet.

      Dressing gown heaven.

      It’s really too bad I couldn’t get Der Mann interested in this.

  5. Jeanne said

    Howl is a good everyday name. Of course he must also have a secret name that nobody knows, one that is much more dignified.

  6. Goodness, Howl is gorgeous! And uh, looks so much like my (deceased) cat of years ago I nicknamed Pao-Pao 🙂

  7. trapunto said

    Howl appreciates your compliments. He likes the idea of a secret name, although he is not one to stand on his dignity.

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