Diana Wynne Jones for Health and Beauty

July 20, 2010

Find a new Diana Wynne Jones novel and a comfortable chair.  Make a cup of tea.  Read and drink tea, eating a piece of Ghirardelli 60% cacao chocolate* whenever you think of it.  In just two hours you will be ten pounds happier, with firmer brain tone and increased positive energy!**

This is an unsolicited plug for Jenny’s Diana Wynne Jones Week because I have started Enchanted Glass and am enjoying it immensely.  Eleven more days until the blog fun begins!

In advance festive spirit:

Our cat is named after a Diana Wynne Jones character.  The first person to correctly guess his name, which I’ll announce on August 1, will receive a handwoven-by-Trapunto bookmark.

*Substitutions: dark Toblerone, green olives, buttered soda crackers.
**Not intended as a slenderizing regimen.

5 Responses to “Diana Wynne Jones for Health and Beauty”

  1. Jenny said

    Yay! Diana Wynne Jones Week! Everyone will love her!

    I never feel like I am that competitive a person, but whenever anyone says, GUESS SOMETHING, all my instincts for academic over-achievement come rushing to the fore and I am like I WILL BE THE BEST AND FASTEST GUESSER IN ALL THE LAND. And my brain was immediately like this: “CAT! No wait it’s probably not that no I know what HOWL! but if the cat’s name is Howl maybe it howls & I don’t want poor Trapunto to have a howling cat QUICK THINK MORE THOUGHTS okay it would be cool to call it after a griffin and thus I guess KIT wait same problem as Cat so ELDA well actually I do not love any of the griffins’ names that much…” etc.

    My guess is Kit. I like the name Kit.

  2. Nymeth said

    Ha, I was actually going to guess Cat, but that wouldn’t be specifically DWJ-ish. Well, it would, but people would think you named the cat Cat just because it’s “cat”. Um, now there’s an awkward sentence 😛 Anyway, I’m going to guess Calcifer because I’d kind of like to name a cat that.

    Also, I need to start Hexwood!

  3. Jeanne said

    Gwendolen. Because the cat (she?) looks like she’s living in the lap of luxury.

  4. Colleen said

    My guess is Sophie!

  5. Jenny said

    I wish I had thought to guess Calcifer, but it never even crossed my mind. Chrestomanci? I would totally name a cat Chrestomanci, if it had the right sort of personality for it.

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