Plan for July

July 1, 2010

Since I have racked up a couple of dozen un-blogged books this spring, July is going to be my blog-a-book-a-day month.  (Drink-a-mug-a-milk-a-meal!–does anyone else have those milk trucks with the floating head of the creepy space-alien cow?  Admonishing you to drink milk?  As if she has just enjoyed a tall, frosty glass of her own–hence the lascivious wink?)

What this actually means is I may post every other day or so, not including weekends.  I played with the idea of not letting myself read any other blogs until I write my own post for the day, but quickly backed away from it with the skittishness of an addict.  Maybe I could just not comment on any blogs until I write my own post.  Yeah.  That would work.  Or, maybe I could just not comment on any blogs posts about books I haven’t read.  Or…

Why the backlog?  Well, I have been variously working like a targent (family saying), sick, and hostessing house guests this spring, but there was another problem.  In April I read a book so good that when it came to write about it, I was like the centipede who thinks about his legs.

There was so much to extract and praise and identify with in The Makioka Sisters–comparisons to Jane Austen’s characters, the historical context, eastern vs. western feminism, reminiscences about my childhood next-door neighbor, Japanese art.  To make things worse, after reading the Makioka Sisters I read a whole slew of good books.  If they weren’t good, they had themes that interested me.  Its easy to write breezy posts about dumb books.  It’s hard to write thoughtful posts about smart ones.  I feel I owe it to them.  Which is silly.

I had to take The Makioka Sisters back to the library a month ago.  I am going to start with a different, easier book, and I’m going to do my best to make it short.  That is my sideline goal for my blog-a-book-a-day month: short posts.


5 Responses to “Plan for July”

  1. bookgazing said

    Your description of the cow creeped me out, it is hot and I will now probably have disturbing cow dreams!;)

    Ugh thoughtful posts are hard, I have such a backlog too we should have set up something like the Horrible Dare Challenge where people read three books they already think will be bad, then have quite a bit of fun trashing them when they are bad. Oh that’s a mean thought right, but sometimes I just want to rip into a bad book.

    • trapunto said

      I was actually thinking about something like that–a “second chance” challenge, where you go back to a book that put you off the first time and see if you like it any better. The Fountainhead made me think of it. Also 1984. As a teenager I thought, “what’s the big deal?” but I read a few excerpts in a graphic novel recently, and I thought they were good.

      It doesn’t sound like as much fun as yours.

  2. Jenny said

    What does the centipede do who thinks about his legs? I missed out on this story…

    • trapunto said

      Here it is:

      A centipede was happy quite,
      Until a frog in fun
      Said, “Pray, which leg comes after which?”
      This raised her mind to such a pitch,
      She lay distracted in the ditch
      Considering how to run.

      I thought it was a poem by Ogden Nash, but I was mixing it up with the Octopus one. Here’s the wikipedia reference:'s_dilemma

  3. zibilee said

    I know just how it is when a great book comes along and blow you away, and you feel like there is never any way your review will do justice to it. Here’s hoping that you continue to read amazing things and that you get many great blog posts written!!

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