In Lieu of Review

April 30, 2010

Sorry.  I had my review of  Graham Joyce’s The Exchange all planned out in my head this morning, but somehow the distance from head to blog was greater than usual.  Now it’s too late.  I have to pack sandwiches for supper, pick up Der Mann, and head for the city, because it is the first night of the big weaving and potters’ guild expositions.  Last year we missed them.  Ceramics and textiles are my chief vices.  Far more than books, which–oddly enough–do not inspire me to acquisitiveness.  Wish me discount used weaving tools, and a beautiful tea bowl!

Der Mann, a graphic designer who doesn’t get to have much fun at work, sometimes makes pretend projects on his breaks.

This is what he e-mailed me today.

It is a greeting card for difficult relatives but, as you can see, the message is versatile.




6 Responses to “In Lieu of Review”

  1. Jenny said

    I love it! I may send it to allllll my relatives (I have many).

  2. Jeanne said

    That would be a wonderful mother’s day card, I have to say–not that I would ever send it, but the thought is just delicious, especially since she always bugs me about my cats (doesn’t like them). I actually sent one that says “you’re an amazing mother.” True and non-controversial.

    • trapunto said

      Ooh ooh. Here’s one: You will always be part of my life. Or how about: Every day brings fresh surprises.

      The mothers in my family have a tradition of hating mother’s day, which I think is singularly sensible. The logic is that you should appreciate them all year, not just on the one day, with a card.

  3. Nymeth said

    I love it 😀

  4. trapunto said

    My spouse and I live to amuse. You’re all quite welcome to print it out…

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