Off Topic: Art Request

April 6, 2010

Weird question: do you have a favorite painting of the ascension or the transfiguration of Christ?  I am looking for a print to buy for a lady in her 80’s.  A month ago I gave her a photocopy of a copy of Pietro Annigoni’s Deposizione (Christ being lowered from the cross), because she knew the person who had drawn the copy, and she was curious about it.  But the lady is a Methodist, has (early stages) dementia, and I just didn’t like the idea of that droopy dead Jesus (in a momentary lapse she referred to it as “that picture of the puppet”) hanging on her fridge for months thanks to me, and nothing to balance it out!

So, I want to buy her a non-dead Jesus picture.  The problem is, my own choice would be icon-type ones, like this:

Andrei Rublev, medieval Russian painter. Also a film you should watch because it is awesome.

Or early Renaissance, like this:

Giotto. Charity begins at home, and heaven begins at the ceiling.

I know she wouldn’t go for these.  Not anything abstracted or primitive.  Actually, she would probably go for saccharine modern devotional art (she used to have poker-playing dogs on the wall, without irony), but I can’t quite talk myself into that.  Any ideas? High Renaissance, maybe?


4 Responses to “Off Topic: Art Request”

  1. Well… I’m not christian, but William Blake made some BEAUTIFUL pictures of Christ, particularly Christ in th Sepulchre guarded by angels, and (since that one is dead again) Christ as the Redeemer of Man.

    • trapunto said

      I love Blake. I didn’t even think of him. The Sepulchre one is powerful. That delicate translucent color, with those strong compositions.

  2. Jenny said

    If only I could make a print of my sculpture! I have a beautiful beautiful sculpture called “The Resurrection of Jesus”, done by a local artist. If copiers worked on 3D things as well as on papers, I would send you a copy. Otherwise I am afraid I do not have any good ideas.

    • trapunto said

      Thanks for the thought. When I was looking around online, I liked some of the carvings the best. There’s something about a 2-D christ being whisked up into the clouds that looks kind of brusque and careless a lot of the time.

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